STUCAMP to held Jan 30th


Join hundreds of students across Iowa to change what school looks like in Webster City and Bettendorf on January 30th, 2016. Sign up today at!


Why have StuCamp?
StuCamp’s primary focus is to give voice to our students and to turn that voice into action. We believe we can produce grassroots reform at the classroom level. Every attendee should walk away at the end of the day asking, “What am I going to do on Monday?” based on their interactions.

How is StuCamp going to work?
We are asking that teachers target students who want to make a change and share this event with them. Once at your StuCamp, students will connect and network with other students about topics they’re passionate about. These topics may not necessarily be directly related to education and school, and that is certainly okay.

What is StuCamp?
StuCamp is an unconference for students that follows the EdCamp model. EdCamps are unconferences where all of the facilitated sessions are planned that morning. There are no presentations, no PowerPoints, and no hand outs. Each session is a conversation where every student’s voice is important and new ideas can be formed and followed.

Where is StuCamp?
Webster City Middle School
1101 Des Moines St.
Webster City, IA 50595


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