Summer Tech Work

7005A list of our planned summer work that will impact staff…….

1) Home Directory Maintenance.  
This summer, we’ll be doing some maintenance on each staff members H: drive.  If you have a staff laptop, it will cause you to remap your H drive in order to reconnect to it.  We’ll be sending more information on when that happens and how you can reconnect as we get closer to when the work starts.


2) Summer computer replacements. 
The following schools will have desktop computer replacement at the following times:

Stilwell:  6/6 to 6/13

Crestview: 6/13 to 6/20

Clive:  6/20 to 6/27

Hillside: 6/27 to 7/04

The rest of the desktop computer replacements will continue next fall, most likely in October for IH, CR, FM, WR, and WH.



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