What our staff thinks of our district technology services… 2016 edition

Each year we conduct a satisfaction survey with our school district staff.  It’s a relatively short survey, and we’ve used many of the same questions multiple years in a row. Our goal is to track customer services.  For example, we don’t ask questions related to the latest gadget or gizmo… instead, we focus on fundamental customer service points –  as our belief is that quality customer service will always be needed regardless of the device.

Here’s the results from this years survey with staff, conducted in May 2016.

Download the full written comments for the question “What are we doing well?” 

Download the full written comments for the question “What can we improve?”

Services that we are doing well….

Workorder response time

“I feel like I barely submit a work order and instantly someone is in my room fixing it. They are always very helpful,courteous, and approachable.”

“Work order timeliness is great. You guys are always right on top of those. Very appreciated!”

“Help desk tickets are completed in a timely manner. The techs are always very helpful and friendly. They will help staff members even if they haven’t written a help desk ticket.”

“The technology department is incredibly efficient. When work orders are placed, they are quickly fixed. They also do an amazing job of communicating with staff.”


“Jackie has been providing classes that have been very helpful to me. She gives us easy to read handouts that I can refer to when class if over. She does an excellent job of making all technology information easy to understand. I appreciate her ability to “teach” information.”

“I really appreciate the way Jackie shares information – she makes it easy to understand and is very patient. Her handouts are also very helpful. I am always glad to take classes in which she is the instructor. I know it will be worth my time and I won’t be frustrated.”


What suggestion do you have for improving services

“Move toward district-wide one-to-one.”

“Overall, I feel that the communication needs to be more effective and take into consideration the comfort levels of all staff members concerning technology.”

“I wish the kids could print from the Chromebooks – but it’s making me work harder at going paperless! : )”

“Timeline for moving from the “H Drive” to all Google.”

“1:1 or at least a chrome cart in rooms. System-wide expansion of Google School products.”

“Switching to gmail seems to have taken us backwards in technology but I don’t think it is an option to change it.”

Tabulated results, showing the progress of each specific question over the last few years:















2 thoughts on “What our staff thinks of our district technology services… 2016 edition

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Hi Terry… please open a ticket with the techs (helpdesk.wdmcs.org) and we’ll need more information on what device and what the issue is. Brian Abeling


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