What percentage of households are reached via email?

emailI was recently asked, “What percentage of households can be reached by the district when we send out an email?”

Answer:  91.97%


Q1.  How is this calculated?
A1.  We query Infinite Campus and look at each individual student – do they have at least one guardian who has an email address in the system?  If a student has at least one guardian with an email address, then it is counted as a yes, we can reach the household for that child via email.


Q2.  How does the data compare across our schools?

16-17 WC 97.24%
16-17 JC 97.15%
16-17 FM 96.84%
16-17 WR 96.44%
16-17 ST 94.98%
16-17 VA 94.29%
16-17 WH 93.91%
16-17 VS 92.22%
16-17 CR 90.83%
16-17 IH 90.65%
16-17 CL 89.58%
16-17 HD 83.39%
16-17 CV 72.01%


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