What’s the status of 1:1?

laptopWhat’s the status of 1:1?

Back in November, we announced that all technology projects were on hold (https://wdmtech.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/technology-projects-on-hold/) to give the district time to review the possibility of moving our inventory of chromebooks out of carts and directly into the hands of students.

So what’s the status of going 1:1?
A proposal for moving the chromebooks out of carts and into students hands is going forward to the school board at the Feb 13th meeting.

What grade levels are included?  
3rd grade thru 12th grade

When would it start?  
At the start of the 17-18 school year

Does this mean we are adding all new chromebooks?
We’ll be using all existing chromebooks first and then adding additional devices at locations that need them in order to be standardized.

Does this mean that all desktops and other laptops will be removed?
We will need to reduce the number of desktops in classrooms and computer labs – but we are not removing all desktops or computer labs.  

Is it affordable? Can we sustain it long term?
Yes, it is affordable as our district already has over 5,400 chromebooks.  In addition, we’ll reduce the number of desktops and merge curriculum funds that were previously spent on student technology devices, which will allow us to replace student chromebooks on a 4 to 5 year time period.

When will more details be available?  
Next week, we’ll have more details regarding repair, roll out,  training, and other details.


2 thoughts on “What’s the status of 1:1?

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Hi John..

      For PreK-2 there are no changes planned for next school.

      There was some conversation about moving iPads down to the lower grades, but it was determined that the iPads at the upper grade levels were purchased specifically because of the new science curriculum – and there are specific apps that they use with specific units. We weren’t able to find apps/extensions on the chromebook that would replace the need for the ipads. Instead of changing anything with the iPads, we instead reduced their access to classroom desktops and windows laptops.

      For PreK-2, we won’t be removing or changing anything that they have in their classrooms – at least for next year. However, we would like to continue to talk with PreK-2 and curriculum directors to discuss what changes might be of interest at PreK-2. So far, I’ve heard responses including…

      * Leave it alone
      * reduce desktops and move to chromebooks which go home with students
      * reduce desktops and move to chromebooks which stay at school
      * increase ipads and remove desktops

      Of course, for 2nd grade specifically, it could be that they just join in with the other grades and provide chromebooks to each student – but that won’t happen next fall, but we’re leaving conversation open to that or something else.



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