WDMCS Teachers: How to access Canvas


Can I log into Canvas to look around?  


Can I create a course and start loading content?    

Please contact the Online Learning Coordinator, Carrie Jacobs jacobsc@wdmcs.org if you are interested in creating a course and loading content –  as she can assist you with procedures and best practices for creating courses and loading content.


Can I start using Canvas with students?  

At this time (March 2017), we have not provided trained yet to building level personnel, and we are not ready for students to start using Canvas.

How do I log into Canvas?

Website:  https://wdmcs.instructure.com/login/canvas








Click on LOGIN WITH GOOGLE and use your Google user name and password.


I’m interested in learning more on my own, where I can find training resources?

On the left side, click on the ? icon, which is the Help menu.














The three options related to training:

Register for Online Canvas Training
This is FREE online training available to all WDMCS staff.  You must click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT, but once you have an account, all the online, instructor-led training sessions are available to you at no cost.

Canvas Video Guides
This page contains links to prepared training videos that are available to all staff.

Search the Canvas Guide
Documentation and guides related to Canvas.


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