Proposal to restrict Chrome extensions

Current Policy:   Students can select and install any chrome extension they would like on their chromebook device.   We do block a few specific extensions that are known to cause issues or are inappropriate.

Problem:  There’s a growing number of inappropriate extensions and we’re seeing students who download too many extensions which cause problems for their Google account, which impacts any chromebook they use.
Suggested Change in Policy:   We will “white list” or allow a set of known reliable extensions. Staff and students can request specific extensions that need to be allowed using the online form at: 
Note:  Only students will be restricted, staff will continue to have access to all chrome extensions.
Questions for you:
1.  Any thoughts/concerns related to making this change?
2.  Do you have any specific chrome extensions that you want students to be able to access and use?
Use the form to add them:
more details:
Q1. When would this change happen?
A1.  We’re looking at the end of May.
Q2. Will students be notified of this change?
A2.  Yes, we’re working on a message that will be sent to student electronically, as well as posted online and in Infinite Campus
Q3. Will students be able to submit extensions that they want access to?
A3.  Yes.  The form available at is for staff or students to make requests.

3 thoughts on “Proposal to restrict Chrome extensions

  1. Buggy Lovell

    while i understand your concern, i also understand the fact that extensions can be useful in the future. like goobric, it’s something that helps with the learning. To fix your issue, you should have an alert sound every time somebody in the west Des Moines district, and it will tell you what the extension is, and you can look into the extension and see if it is appropriate


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