Canvas Training Opportunity for Classroom Teachers

Available for WDMCS Classroom Teachers:

During the week of July 31,  a Canvas trainer will be on-site to facilitate 1-day workshops to get ready for the start of the new school year.
The sessions were already opened to Teacher Leader positions, but there are still some openings left – and we’re making them available to any WDMCS classroom teacher – first come, first served.
Please take a look at the schedule for the week of July 31st and keep the following in mind:
1.  There are 2 sessions:
Kick-Start Your School Year
Will you be ready to go live at the start of the 2017-18 year? Come create a “Go Live Checklist” for your class – learn how to move content, cross-list your courses, publish your courses, favorite your course for the Dashboard, ensure your Canvas course matches your Grade Book, adjust course settings . . . and much more!
and Advanced Topics in Canvas.
So you’re feeling comfortable with Canvas? Then it’s time to learn more about some advanced topics of Canvas. This session will delve deeper into such topics as assignment-type submissions, quizzes, communications and topics covered in Kung Fu Canvas (Belts 4 and 5).
2.  Sessions are repeated daily throughout the week.
3.  Session order has been switched on Tuesday, August 1 and Thursday, August 3, to accommodate those who can only attend in the morning (or just afternoons).
4.  It’s your choice to attend for a full day or 2 half-day sessions.  There is no need to sign-up for the entire week. (this is NOT a week-long class and it is NOT for any type of credit)
5.  Session descriptions are listed in SCHED (the link to access it is listed below).
6.  Due to the sessions being held in the lab at the LRC, there is a participant limit of 20 for each session.
6.  You will be paid a stipend of $50 for attending one session; $100 for attending both.
Interested?  Then sign up!  Just click on to find out more and schedule your sessions.

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