When are desktop computers being removed at grades 3 thru 6?

As part of our plan to move to 1:1 chromebooks, we previously announced that grades 3 thru 6 would eventually have 4 desktop computers removed from each classroom.  When will this happen? 

Answer: They WILL NOT be removed this summer before school starts.

We are not done with getting Chromebooks ready for all schools, so we do not have time to start the removal process of the desktops.

If you are a 3rd grade thru 6th grade teacher and have 5 desktops in your room, here’s what you need to know…

  1.  We won’t be taking your desktops away prior to the school year starting, in fact, the process may not even start until Oct.
  2. When the removal happens, we are removing only 4,  the one desktop computer connected to the projector will remain.
  3. You have several options:
    Option 1) Leave the desktops plugged in and let kids use them as needed.
    Option 2) If you are certain that you do not need the desktops, you are welcome to unplug them and stack them in a corner.
  4. If I set the computers aside, what happens with the table?  Can I keep it?
    Answer:  Our plan is to only remove 4 desktops computers (machine, keyboard, mice, and monitor).  We are leaving in place any tables, chairs, and power strips – each classroom teacher can decide what is done with all tables, chairs, and power strips.



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