Photos for Welcome Back session!

As we’ve done in prior years, just before the all staff welcome back in August, there will be a slide show of staff updates and recognitions.  All staff members are welcome to submit information and photographs for the slide show.  Please e-mail the information directly to Brian Abeling ( by August 18th.   Here are some examples of items we’re looking for:

1) Staff who have recently received Masters, Doctorates, etc.

2) Recent babies – born since the slide show from last August.  We take photos from Moms, Dads, and grandparents too!!   Bring on the baby pictures!!     Didn’t have a baby in the last year… how about a puppy or a kitty?  Oh yah, we take it all.  All we need is:  Baby’s first name only, your name and what building you work at. This is a sample of what is made with the baby photos.


3) Weddings, significant anniversaries.

4) Recognitions, achievements, other significant activities from the summer, we even take vacation pictures and pictures of that big walleye you caught this summer!

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