Google Team Drive

This update is specific to WDMCS staff:

This year, we’ll be doing more to promote the use of Google Team Drive this year.

If you’re not aware, here are the main differences between Google Drive and Google Team Drive:

  • Files stored in your Google Drive are your personal files. When you leave the district, they are automatically deleted.  Anyone you shared the files with also loses access to them.
  • Files stored in Google Team Drive belong to the school district – so they are never deleted/lost because a person left the district.

This means that Google Team Drive is the ideal place to store your materials that you are working with others.




Q1.  I like the idea of storing files in Google Team Drive so that my team/group can be assured that the files won’t be dependent on one person –  but I noticed that I can’t create a folder at the main level?

A1.  That is correct – you must submit a ticket to the techs ( and tell them how you would like to use Google Team Drive and they can create a folder for you and then you’ll be able to add members to your folder.


Q2. Why can’t we just create our own folders at the main level?
A2.  We want to have the main level organized to help people find their resources – it will also help from having duplicate folders with similar names.

Q3.  Once the folder is created – then I can edit who gets access to the folder, right?
A3.  Yes, that is correct.





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