When is the next round of Chromebook replacements?

When is the next round of Chromebook replacements?


Q1. When is the next round of Chromeboook replacements?

A1.  The next replacement of chromebooks will be the 3rd thru 6th grade devices –  scheduled for this summer.


Q2.  What does this mean for the elementary schools –  do we have to collect the existing chromebooks?

A2.  Yes. Every elementary school will collect their chromebooks prior to last day of classes.   Over the summer, we’ll be in to remove the existing chromebooks and replace them with a newer model.


Q3.  Will the new model be touch screen?
A3.  We don’t know yet –  we’ll certainly price out that option.   However, there are only a few apps that are actually touch enabled, so having touch screens may not be the biggest benefit yet.  We’ve also heard from parents – they want to keep the replacement cost of the device as low as possible. Moving to a touch screen device may drive the replacement price from $200 to over $350 each


Q4.  What happens to the old chromebooks?  Will schools be allowed to keep them?  Can students/families purchase them?
A4.  The company that provides the new chromebooks will take the old ones –   it’s a one for one trade.  For every old chromebook you have ready to go, the company will take it away and provide a new one in its place.   Schools will not be allowed to keep the old devices.  We are not allowed to sell the devices directly to families.

1 thought on “When is the next round of Chromebook replacements?

  1. Barb Samuelson

    I understand touch screen is more expensive, but it would make our online EDM options more feasible. Just something to highly consider for grades 3-5.


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