When are Secondary Chromebooks being replaced?

Chromebooks at grades 7 thru 12 are being replaced this summer (June 2020).  Here’s the  details we know, as of Feb 7th.

Q1.  What model of chromebook are we getting?
A1.  We are evaluating two models:  the same chromebook that the elementary student have: an HP touch screen chromebook, as well as another HP chromebook that is a touch flip screen. We’ll know more within the next month.  If you’re aware of a specific usage or student need for the flip touch device, let me know, I’d love to hear some points on why/how it would be used by students.

Q2. What’s happening with the existing chromebooks– can we keep them?
A2.  No, you may not keep them – they become the property of the company that is providing the new chromebooks.

Q3.  Will we be adding additional chromebooks to each school?
A3.  No,  this is a 1 to 1 replacement.  If you turn in a chromebook, the company will provide another one to replace it.

Q4. Will students or staff be able to buy one of the old chromebooks?
A4. No,  the old Chromebooks become the property of the company providing the new ones.  Selling the existing chromebooks to the company helps to reduce the cost of getting the new models.  Sorry, schools are not allowed to keep them and staff/students are not allowed to buy them.

Q5. How about homeschool students? are their Chromebooks being replaced?
A5.  If the student is enrolled in at least one course at one of our schools and is currently getting a chromebook from the school –  then yes, that chromebook will be exchanged for a new one.   However, there are homeschool students who NEVER attend any classes at our schools – they currently receive their chromebooks from the homeschool program and we are not replacing those devices, but we will work with the home school program to determine how/when

Q6. What about bags/covers/ carry cases?
A6.  We won’t know this until we finally identify the exact model (whether we get the flip touch model or not).   But here is our current thinking:

Junior Highs:  We will still provide a carry case for whatever chromebook is selected.  During discussion with parents, they wanted a case to make sure they can keep the charger with their device.

VSW:  Most likely we will continue with a carry case for each device, since backpacks are not allowed in classroom spaces

WCC:  Currently WCC students do not use a carry case and we will most likely continue with no bag.

VHS:  We have never provided carry cases at Valley  (as that was the student and staff request) – but it is still questionable if we will provide some type of cover or not, that depends on what model we end up with.





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