How do I activate my Google Apps account?

googleNOTE: If you used a district Google account last year and it’s now stating that the password is incorrect – that is true.  All student passwords are reset just before school starts. This was requested by staff since a large number of student forget their password over the summer.  You may choose to login when you are back at school to change your password, or email prior to school and let me know what you want your password to be.


Q1.  I’m a staff member in the district –  How do I activate my Google Apps account?
A1.  This is a one-time only process… to activate your Google Apps account.

1. Log into a desktop computer at school

2. Log in with your existing user id/password.

3. Once you can see your desktop, then click on CNTRL-ALT-DELETE.

4. Select the option labeled CHANGE PASSWORD

5. It will ask you for your new and old password – we recommend putting your existing password into all of the boxes–  as this will allow you to keep your existing password for Google Apps.   By resetting your password (even to the existing password), this will trigger your Google Apps account to be activated.

6.  After setting your password – then wait 10 minutes.

7. Then visit…     Log in with your user id (beginning part of your email address) , and then your existing password that you just reset.

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