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When are we Going Google?

What are the significant dates for when STAFF ACCOUNTS are being moved to Google?

Friday, June 5th  12:01am   All staff Google accounts (that use for their account) will be disabled.  During the next week, we’ll be doing work behind the scenes to prepare for all email to be moved into Google.  During this time, you will not be able to log into Google Drive, access your Google documents or anything else related to your Google account.

Friday, June 12th or sooner –   All staff Google accounts (including Google Drive, Docs, and other associated apps requiring log in) will be ready to use again.  However, email will not , we will still be using Outlook for a couple of additional weeks.  In order access your Google account after June 12th, you will need to reactivate your Google by resetting your password.  We will provide directions/steps for this once we reach this date.

Friday, June 19th starting at 5pm:  NO E-MAIL WEEKEND.  Starting at 5pm, your cell phone / computer / smart device will NOT be able to access your email account.  Over this weekend, we’ll be moving all of your existing email and folders over to Gmail.   Any email sent to you during this weekend will be  directed into your email account and will NOT be lost or bounced.  As soon as the move is completed, we will provide directions for how to access your email and how to reconnect your personal devices.





Upcoming changes to student Google accounts

On June 5th at 12:01am:   All student Google accounts will be deleted.  Next year, students will use for their Google accounts.  The following Q&A’s are specific to STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNTS ONLY!

Q1.  What happens to all my files (email, videos, Google Drive files)?
A1.  They will be deleted.

Q2.  Is there a way for me to save my files so I can put them back when I get the account?
A2.  Yes, you can download your files to your own computer or flash drive – and then upload them back when your account is ready.

Here’s a video tutorial that explains two options for downloading your files….


Q3. Why are we changing from to ?
A3.  Next year, several schools will be participating in project based learning through New Tech Networks – and they require that all staff and students use the same email domain.

Q4. When will the new Google accounts for student be ready?
A4.  At the very latest, all new student Google accounts will be ready by June 15th, 2015.

Q5.  Will my password be the same for the new student Google account?
A5.  No…  In fact, you will need to activate your new account, you will need to reset your password – and we’ll provide directions when the accounts are ready.

Q6.  What is the full time line related to moving student accounts over to

June 5th, 2015   12:01am:  All student Google accounts will be deleted.

June 15th, 2015:  New student accounts will be ready, however, students will have to re-activate their accounts, directions will be provided at this time.   NOTE:  access to Google Drive will ready at this time – but access to email is one week later.

June 22, 2015:  Approximately 5pm:  Email will available to student Google accounts.