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Elementary Chromebooks to be replaced this summer

This update is specific to Elementary Teaching Staff:


All elementary chromebooks will be replaced this summer.  Here’s how that will impact the check in process at the end of this school year.


Q1.  In prior years, we would store the chromebooks by classroom so that students could easily find their chromebook in August, do we still do that?

A1.  NO.  Please store ALL chromebooks in one location at your school.   This will enable us to pick up the old chromebooks from location and drop off the new ones in that same location.


Q2.  In prior years, we would open up a help ticket for any chromebook that needed repairs –  is that still true?

A2.  No. For this summer only (because they are being replaced), you only need to collect the Chromebooks and check them in through Destiny (Library System).   You do NOT need to send any of the chromebooks out for repair.


Q3. What is happening with the old ones? Can our school keep them?

A3.  You can not keep them –    when the vendor arrives this summer, they will count your old chromebooks that they will remove – and they will then leave the exact same number of new chromebooks.   The old chromebooks are NOT available to keep, the vendor will take ownership of the old chromebooks.


New Securly features for parents: Pause Internet and Flagged activity notices

Securly recently announced two new features for parents:

  1. Pause Internet:  The ability for parents to turn off or pause the internet connectivity on their child’s chromebook.   This is done through their mobile app, using your securly account.

2. Flagged activity notices:  Using the securly mobile app, parents can now receive notifications when Securly flags questionable internet searches.

For more information on the Securly Home App, visit:

Q1.How do I get a Securly account?
A1. If you are a guardian of a student in grades 3 thru 12 in West Des Moines Schools  AND you have a valid email address on file in Infinite Campus  –  then you should already be receiving weekly emails from that contain your child’s chromebook history.


Q2. But I’m not getting the weekly emails, who do I contact?
Securly support can assist you at        They can also assist you with other questions about securly features as well.


Q3. Do I have to use their mobile app to access the Internet Pause feature?
A3.  Yes.   The app is called Securly Home, which is available for free –   and at this time, the pause and the notifications are only available through the mobile app.


Q4. If I pause the internet on my child’s Chromebook, will that impact them at school also?
A4.  No.  Parents only have the ability to control the filtering and the pause feature while the device is outside of the school.