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Canvas deploys Google Authorization fix

Nov 28, 2017
by Carrie Jacobs

Over the past couple of weeks, students/staff have experienced sporadic issues with Google authorization with Canvas (where the students are not able to open a google doc and the icon just spins).

Canvas has deployed their fix for the Google authorization issues we were experiencing.  If you were having issues in your Canvas class, can you please check and let me know if it is still not working.  

Carrie Jacobs | Online Learning Coordinator

Planned Canvas outage: Wed Nov 1st starting at 3pm

PLANNED OUTAGE:  Wednesday, Nov 1st starting at 3pm, lasting potentially till 5pm (or shorter if the work moves along quickly)

During this time, Canvas ( will not be available to staff or students.   There are some maintenance changes that need to be made in order to prepare ourselves for enabling parent access into Canvas.