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1:1 Training Plans

March 28th update on training plans related to the district moving to 1:1 chromebooks:  The following is a list of events that have been scheduled, as well as events that are still being planned.

NOTE:  Since we are early in the planning stages, you’ll see that this list is primarily focused on building support and capacity at the building level, so many of the sessions are focused on teacher leaders and other key building staff, who will conducting the building level training.

Already completed:

  1. All staff accounts were activated
    All staff accounts in Canvas have been activated and staff were notified how to access and log into Canvas
  1. Free online training videos in Canvas
    Staff were notified that hundreds of free online training videos are available within Canvas.
  2. Free instructor-led courses available through Canvas
    Staff were notified that free instructor-led training are available within Canvas.


Upcoming events that are scheduled:

  1. Monday, April 3rd:  Canvas Implementation Planning.
    Canvas is sending an implementation specialist onsite to West Des Moines to help plan the Canvas rollout. This includes work on expectations, communications, and PD planning


  1. Mon April 10 and Tues April 11:  Secondary Teacher Leader Training
    Face to face training for approximately 20 secondary teacher leaders and other staff, led by a trainer from Canvas.


  1. Wed April 12:  Additional Secondary Teacher Leader Training (am only)
    An additional half-day optional training from the Canvas trainer to help give secondary staff additional time for exploring Canvas and/or assistance with planning their building training.


  1. Wed April 12:  Canvas Administrator Training (pm only)
    Half-day training session for district personnel on managing and administering Canvas.


  1. Thur April 13 and Fri April 14:  Elementary Teacher Leader Training
    Face to face training for approximately 20 elementary teacher leaders and other staff, led by a trainer from Canvas.


  1. April 28th:  Professional Development Day
    On April 28th, some schools are choosing to offer introductory Canvas training utilizing their buildings teacher leaders and/or other staff.


  1. June 5th:  Optional Canvas training at select schools
    During the last contract day (make-up snow day), some schools are choosing to offer optional Canvas training utilizing their buildings teacher leaders and/or other staff.

Future events being planned:

What: Study group for LR credit

Who:  invited participation with max at 20

When:  late spring . . .mutually agreed upon dates and times

Where:  TBD (preferably LRC)

Why:  study groups are often used to create actual courses; this study group will be no different.  Topics/content and any additional instruction/resources will be used to create the course proposal for this summer’s offerings ( for Drake or LR credit)




What: 1:1 in the Classroom course (we will be offering this as face to face and an online version)

Who:  3-12 certified staff and administrators; decision needs to be made if classes will be customized (e.g., a session for elementary teachers vs. a session for secondary teachers)

When:  June – Spring 2018 (course offered during summer, fall and spring term)

Where:  TBD

Why:  With any new district-wide initiative, the district has offered courses for those teachers interested in learning about or extending what they already know.  These courses are offered for credit and will appear on the menu for this summer and each term in the 2017-18 school year.


Optional Teacher Leader Summer Training
Teacher leaders have additional summer days (typically 5) and we will be offering additional ½ day segments of training in July and August.  Dates, times, and topics have not been scheduled yet, but will likely be scheduled after the Canvas training is finished in April.


WDMCS Teachers: How to access Canvas


Can I log into Canvas to look around?  


Can I create a course and start loading content?    

Please contact the Online Learning Coordinator, Carrie Jacobs if you are interested in creating a course and loading content –  as she can assist you with procedures and best practices for creating courses and loading content.


Can I start using Canvas with students?  

At this time (March 2017), we have not provided trained yet to building level personnel, and we are not ready for students to start using Canvas.

How do I log into Canvas?









Click on LOGIN WITH GOOGLE and use your Google user name and password.


I’m interested in learning more on my own, where I can find training resources?

On the left side, click on the ? icon, which is the Help menu.














The three options related to training:

Register for Online Canvas Training
This is FREE online training available to all WDMCS staff.  You must click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT, but once you have an account, all the online, instructor-led training sessions are available to you at no cost.

Canvas Video Guides
This page contains links to prepared training videos that are available to all staff.

Search the Canvas Guide
Documentation and guides related to Canvas.