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S: Drive is going away on August 8th

Saying good bye can be hard, but it’s time to move on. On Aug 8th, students will no longer have access to the S: drive.

Q1. What exactly is going to happen on August 8th?
1) Students rights to the S: Drive will be removed, they won’t be able to see or access it at all

2) Teachers will have READ ONLY ACCESS to the S: Drive.  This means they will be able to see, open, and copy out files/information as they need.  However, they will NOT be able to add, edit, or delete files from the S: Drive.

Q2. What is (was) the S: Drive?
A2.  A network drive where teachers could leave files/folders/resources for students to access from school or from home.

Q3. If it’s going away, what do teachers use to distribute electronic documents to students?
A3.  We are moving to Canvas, an online course management system, where students/families can find assignments and other resources.

Q4. Why is the S: Drive going away?
A4. Removing the S: will help create our ideal, which is to create one place for where students can find assignments, links, and classroom resources – which will be Canvas.

Q5. How long will teachers have access to the S: Drive with read-only access?
A5.  Teachers will have read-only access for the 17-18 school year only.

Q6. What if our school uses the S: drive for other purposes?  Sharing bookmarks, shortcuts to applications?  
A6.  Enter a helpdesk ticket with the techs and we’ll help work out other solutions.


Updates on 1:1 Chromebook rollout

Q1. What’s the status of the 1:1 Chromebook rollout?  Do all schools have the devices ready to go?
A1. We’re close –  we have a few schools to go, but we will be ready by Aug 4th, as many of the secondary schools will begin distributing to students during the second week of August.


Q2. What communications will be sent to parents/families/students related to the upcoming deployment?
A2. We are working on an faq list that will be broken down by audience –  and we’ll be sending it on at the start of August to each specific audience.

Q3. What about training for classroom teachers?  What’s already been done and what else needs to be done?

A3.  Already done:

  • Initial introductory training provided at each school this past spring.
  • Optional 15hr courses offered to staff this summer
  • Optional 1/2 day courses offered to staff this summer

Coming up:

  • 1/2 day training planned in October
  • Additional training planned during PD days in Jan (Elementary) and Feb (Secondary)