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What percentage of households are reached via email?

emailI was recently asked, “What percentage of households can be reached by the district when we send out an email?”

Answer:  91.97%


Q1.  How is this calculated?
A1.  We query Infinite Campus and look at each individual student – do they have at least one guardian who has an email address in the system?  If a student has at least one guardian with an email address, then it is counted as a yes, we can reach the household for that child via email.


Q2.  How does the data compare across our schools?

16-17 WC 97.24%
16-17 JC 97.15%
16-17 FM 96.84%
16-17 WR 96.44%
16-17 ST 94.98%
16-17 VA 94.29%
16-17 WH 93.91%
16-17 VS 92.22%
16-17 CR 90.83%
16-17 IH 90.65%
16-17 CL 89.58%
16-17 HD 83.39%
16-17 CV 72.01%


Microsoft Office available for students who are at least 13 years old

officeIn the last few years, Microsoft has limited the amount of discounted/free versions of their software for K-12 students, however, that has recently changed.
If you have a student looking for Office products for their home machine, point them in the website below.   There are two requirements…
1) They must be 13 years or older
2) They must use their school email address to validate that they attend West Des Moines Schools.