Category Archives: for Parents parents are not receiving emails from Infinite Campus Messenger

UPDATED 9/8/2017

We’ve learned that users have not been receiving emails from Infinite Campus Messenger (which is typically daily announcements, etc that come from

We’ve opened a ticket with MediaCom tech support, but are waiting for a resolution to the issue.

In the meantime, our recommendations are:

Option 1) Infinite Campus can take two email addresses per parent, you are welcome to add another email address that doesn’t use

Option 2) If you’re looking for daily announcements, they are also posted online each, available at:

Valley :


Indian Hills:


Problems with new accounts on Echo, Canvas, Clever and others

Sept 8th Update>>

We’ve been having problems with getting new accounts running for students in Canvas, Echo, and Clever.   The situation applies to any new students, students with name changes, or students with class roster changes.

At this time, we have tickets open with Clever,  Canvas, and Echo, as the issue is related some hidden problem that is stopping the interface that shares information between these systems.

Sorry, I don’t have any more information available yet, but will pass on more as soon as it’s available.