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Student Accounts for 15-16 are ready!

Student accounts for the 15-16 school year are ready!

Q1. How can I activate my student account?

A1.  You have two options…

Option #1:  Activate your account from home...  visit:  

Click on SIGN IN.  You will be prompted for your full email address (your address) Your initial password will be the same as your user name and in lowercase only (which is the part of your email address that comes before the @ symbol) If you aren’t sure what your user name is, please see question #3.   Once you are logged in, the system will force you to change your password.

– or –

Option #2: Activate your account at school…   When you get to school, log in at a desktop computer (or a laptop from the laptop carts) (using your user ID, and then the same ID again for your password, again lowercase only). The system will force you to change your password as soon as you log in.  By changing your password to something unique – the system will activate your computer account and your Google account.


Q2.   What is the format of the username (aka user ID)?

A2. It’s the same format we’ve always used that includes first initial of your first name, first initial of your last name and student number.  If you have a nickname identified in Infinite Campus, then that takes precedence over your first name initial.  Here’s an example:  Elizabeth Johnson, student number 12345.  She actually goes by Beth instead of Elizabeth, so her username is  BJ12345.  If she didn’t have a nickname identified in Infinite Campus, then her username would be EJ12345.  


Q3. My username/password isn’t working –  how can I verify what my username is?

A3. Log into Infinite Campus, click on CONTACT PREFERENCES –  in the Secondary Email Address field is your student email address.  The part before the is your username.


Q4.   Once I change my password to something unique –  what is that unique password associated with. . . just my computer log in?  My google login? Or both?

A4.   Once you change your password, that new password is now used for BOTH your computer login and your Google account.   However, this DOES NOT replace your Infinite Campus password.


Q5.   My Google email address used to be –  what is it now?

A5.   All staff and students use “”  as part of their email addresses.  This change was needed as part of implementing New Tech Networks at some of our schools.



Who gets Chromebooks this year?

Q1. I’ve heard that only some students are getting Chromebooks that they can take home… is that correct?
A1.  Yes, this is correct.  Only students at schools implementing project based learning through New Tech Networks will be receiving a Chromebook that they can take home.

Specifically, here are the schools and grade levels/teams involved:

  1. Crestview students grades 3 thru 6
  2. Clive students grades 3 thru 6
  3. Indian Hills 7th graders on Dream Team
  4. Stilwell 7th graders on the S team.

Q2.  When will these students have access to the Chromebooks?
A2.  Each school will decide how/when the devices are handed over to students – but most likely it will be some time during the first week of school.

Q3.  Is there any information on what the parents/students are responsible for related to having the Chromebook at home?
A3.  Yes….   please review the  NTN  Technology Agreement (Microsoft Word document) for details.

Q4. Does the district have plans to expand Chromebook access to all students.
A4.  At this time, there are no plans to expand access beyond students involved in project based learning through New Tech Networks.