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Student accounts to be reset on August 18th

The loneliest room in the school - the computer lab

STUDENT GOOGLE/NETWORK accounts to be reset on August 18th

On August 18th, computer/network passwords for all students (which is also your Google password) will be reset to your birthdate  MMDDYYYY  : NOTE  it may be 7 digits or MDDYYYY  if your birthday would have a leading zero.   Example:   Jan 15, 2001 would be    1152001

3rd grade thru 12th grade students will be FORCED to change their password when they first log in.   Students can log in and regain access to their accounts from home by visiting and logging in with their email account and they will be prompted to change their password.

All staff laptops, iPads, and personal devices must be moved to WDMCS-WiFi wireless network

IMG_4204Changes to wireless network for 16-17

Q1. Why are we making changes? Didn’t we already make changes last year?
A1. Yes, we made changes last year, as we moved away from using “passcodes” for gaining access to the wireless network.  We won’t be going back to using passcodes again, but we need to make the process easier for getting personal devices on the wireless network. We’ve spent several month re-designing the process and we’re ready to roll it out.

Q2.  How much time will it take to add a device like a cell phone or iPad?
A2.  It will take 1 to 2 minutes – and you will only need your username and password, that’s it!

Q3. Once I connect to the wireless network, what will I have access to?
A3. If you are a staff member, you’ll have access to the Internet (with no bandwidth restrictions), access to map networks drives, and access to school printers (depending on what type of device you connect with).   Students who connect will have Internet and access to their specific network drives.

Q4.  How long can I stay connected to the network?
A4.  11 months.  After that time, you’ll be asked to enter your username and password again to reconnect.


Q5.  What devices will this affect?

  • Any personal devices (laptop, ipad, cell phone) that you bring to school
  • Staff laptops
  • School and district owned iPads


Q6. What devices will NOT be impacted?


  • Any district provided carts (windows or chromebook carts)
  • Any chromebooks distributed to students as part of New Tech Network


Q7. Where are directions available?
A7. Directions are available at:

Q8. How does this impact AEA staff members?
A8.  The district tech staff will be sending directions to the AEA staff members for how they will connect.

Q9. When will this change take place?
A9.  The new wireless network called “WDMCS-wifi” was made available in mid-July  and the old network called “WDMSCHOOLS” will be turned off on August 1st.


Q10.  What about Apple TVs, chromecasts, and other miscellaneous devices that connect to wireless, how do we connect those?
A10.  For other miscellaneous devices, please open a helpdesk ticket ( with the techs and we’ll discuss each device separately.