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Update on new copiers

As of July 7th, here’s the latest on the new copiers being installed…   Overall, it will take this week and next week before all copiers are back in working order, as we transition to the new copiers.

– Brian Abeling

1.  All new machines are physically delivered to the locations.

2. We’ve installed on the network, and tested with PaperCut and Print Server, the following:
          – Valley Toshibas (2 machines) (Lexmarks are configured, in Media Center, 3 additional)
          – Crestview (1 machine)
          – Fairmeadows (1 machine)
          – Hillside (2 machines)
          – Jordan Creek (2 machines)
          – Stilwell (2 machines)
          – Walnut Creek Campus (1 machine)
          – Western Hills (1 machine)
These locations have the machines in “open” mode, meaning they do NOT have to login to use them.  They are not available for printing, just copying and scanning.  TOMORROW  (July 7th) we will be adding the badge readers, at which point they will be locked down and can be used for print release to the printer queue called COPIER on the PS-3 Server.
3. The old machines at the following locations have been picked up and are now onsite at LRI.
         – Clive
         – Valley (555’s only so far)
         – Fairmeadows
         – Western Hills
The remaining machines will be picked up tomorrow and Thursday.
4. We will start at the LRC tomorrow, and continue as follows:
         – LRC (4 machines)
         – Southwoods (3 machines)
         – Crossroads (2 machines)
         – Westridge (2 machines)
         – Indian Hills (2 machines)
         – Valley (3 Lexmarks)
We will then circle back and add the badge readers to the remaining ones.
5. The remaining machines after tomorrow will be:
         – OPS (to be delivered next week)
         – Clive (to be delivered at the end of July, after floor waxing)


Moving to Google Email

Over the holiday weekend, our district will be moving our email services from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook over to Google.   

Parents and community members will still be able to send messages to staff email addresses over the holiday weekend – however, staff will not have access to their email during the weekend.  Staff will get access back on Monday morning.

  • When will staff members lose access?
    Starting at 2pm on Thursday, July 3rd –  WDMCS staff members will lose access to…

    1. the Outlook software on your computer/laptop will stop working
    2. your iPhone, iPad, cell phone and any other mobile device will no longer connect to email
  • When will staff get access back?
    the morning of Monday, July 6th –   be sure to check the district website ( for all the updates and details.
  • What about any emails that are sent to me over the weekend? Will they be lost?
    Incoming emails will be delivered to your account – you will just need to wait till Monday to access them.
  • If I don’t have access to email over the weekend, how will I know when it’s available again?
    Check the district web page ( on the morning of Monday, July 6th we’ll have all the latest details and directions for accessing your email.
  • Will my iPad/iPhone/Cell phone automatically reconnect to my email when the migration is over?
    No… you will need to setup a new connection to get your email/calendar/contacts back on your mobile devices – and we’ll have directions available on next Monday.


Brian Abeling