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Can students bring personal wifi devices to school?

Can students bring personal wifi devices to school?  Yes

Students are welcome to bring personal wifi devices to school, two wifi networks are available…NOTE: these directions do NOT apply to district owned devices or for New Tech students with Chromebooks.  It is strictly for personal devices.


Option 1) If you want temporary, short term access…. connect to WDMCS-GUEST

  1. Select WDMCS-GUEST wifi network, open a web browser and click on the Agree button at the end of the terms of agreement, then you will have access.  Each time you turn on your device, you will be asked to agree to the terms.


Option 2) If you want permanent access available all school year… connect to WDM-SCHOOLS

  1. Select the WDM-SCHOOLS wifi network, open a web browser and CAREFULLY READ the instructions, as the instructions vary based on the device you are using.  At some point in time, it will ask for your user name and password –  please use your regular user id and password (from point A above).  Using this process, a certificate will be added to your device that allows you to use the wifi network all year long without having to reconnect/login every day.

Q. Is there a difference between WDMCS-GUEST and WDM-SCHOOLS in terms of bandwidth or options?
A.  No.  Both network have unlimited outbound internet access.  The  only difference is whether you want to agree to the terms each day or take the time to log in once for the entire school year.