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Student Chromebook Tech Support during COVID

Student Chromebook Tech Support

If students have any problems with their Chromebook during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 closure, please fill out the form below.  If our technicians can repair the device remotely, we will contact you to coordinate details.

If the technicians determine the Chromebook cannot be repaired remotely, we will schedule a time for you to drop off your device to the Learning Resource Center and receive a replacement device.

Steps for Support

  1. Complete Form –

    1. If you are unable to fill out this form, please call 515-633-5100.

  2. You will be contacted by a member of the tech department within two business days.

  3. If we are unable to fix the Chromebook issue remotely, we will schedule a specific time for you to stop by the Learning Resource Center, 3550 Mills Civic Pkwy.

    1. You must be on time for your appointment, as we are limiting the number of people who can enter the building.

    2. Please bring your Chromebook and charger with you.

  4. Because of this process, you may not receive your original Chromebook back after repair. If you have any decals on your Chromebook that you want to keep, please remove them before turning in your device.

Password Audit

During the next few weeks, we are conducting a password audit.

This audit will impact:

  1. all staff
  2. all 3rd grade thru 12th-grade students
  3. any generic accounts used by the schools.

As we find any weak passwords, the system will then require you to change your password.


Q1.  Does this mean that we have to move to longer passwords?
A1.  Not necessarily –   we aren’t checking the length of the password.  We are checking whether your password has been leaked or breached in other systems.  For example, if your password was used on a different website that was compromised, then we will force you to change to a new password.

Q2. What is the definition of a weak vs a strong password?
It is NOT about length, special characters, etc.  Instead, it’s about whether your password is a known or commonly used password that has already been involved in a security breach.

Q3.  If I’m forced to change my password –  will I be able to just go back in and change it back to what I previously had?
A3.  No, the system will stop you from doing that.

Q4. I have a staff laptop –  If I change my password, is there anything that needs to be updated on my staff laptop?
A4.  Yes, there are several areas of your laptop that would need to be updated, please visit:

Q5. If a student is forced to change their password, will they be required to be at school to change their password?
A5. Students will be able to change their password using their Chromebook from either home or school.

Q6. Our school has some generic accounts that are used by subs or used for other purposes,  can we be exempt from changing that password?
A6. No.  If the password for any generic account is found to be weak – the system will force that password to be changed.

Q7. Will I get a heads up or a personal notification that I’ll need to change my password?
A7.  No.   This message is your heads up.  As the audit determines you have a weak password, it will force you to change and you will not get personalized message, it will just force you to change.

Q8. Should I go ahead and change my password on my own prior to the audit?
A8.  No –  because you could be forced to change it again during the audit.  We recommend just waiting to see if your password makes it through the audit.