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Will Parents Need to Sign Off Before a School Device is Sent Home with Students?

Will Parents Need to Sign Off Before a School Device is Sent Home with Students?

Answer:  Yes  

There will be one standardized form used at all schools.  It will be available to schools as an electronic form and we’ll produce a pdf copy in case a printed version is needed.  Schools are welcome to determine how/when the forms will be collected.  

Draft of the form is available at:



What are the replacement costs if a chromebook is lost?

The district has set the cost of replacements – a standardized price for all schools/students.
Replacement of chromebook   $160.00
Replacement of charger   $23.00
Replacement of carry case/protective shield $18.00

What are the expectations for Canvas usage?

Starting in 16-17,  3rd grade thru 12th grade will be using Canvas ( to store their classroom content and materials. This will provide staff, students, and parents with one location to find classroom materials and resources.  Grades will be still be posted in Infinite Campus, but coursework will be available in Canvas.  The most basic expectation for Canvas usage is:  If your class has electronic resources and materials, we are expecting them to be distributed through Canvas.  This means that staff, students,and parents can all expect classroom materials to be available in one place, Canvas.  Note: the “S” drive or student drive will be removed this summer. Staff will still have access to their files, but students will not have access to the S drive. 


Do we have more specific expectations?  We are working through that conversation and at this time we are recommending two frameworks…

  1. A matrix based on the Technology Integration Model (TIM) that outlines what good Canvas usage looks like.  It’s a framework for identifying good student usage of canvas.  Even though we are all at different places, it provides guidance on where we are all heading.  The challenge for this framework is that we don’t have a way to evaluate or measure where each classroom is at and whether they are truly moving in the right direction – however, it does provide a simple method of understanding good usage.

Take a look at the draft:

2) Kung Fu Canvas for training expectations.  More info at:

It’s a framework for setting training expectations.  It consists of 6 levels (yellow belt all the way up to black belt).  There are standards for each level and the work can be done either online or face to face.   For expectations, we are looking at each certified staff member earning 3 belts this year – and the district will be providing opportunities to earn the 3 belts.  In fact, we are proposing that our PD days related to Canvas and 1:1 utilize the Kung Fu Canvas framework and all sessions will relate to the 6 levels or belts.