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Student accounts to be reset on August 18th

The loneliest room in the school - the computer lab

STUDENT GOOGLE/NETWORK accounts to be reset on August 18th

On August 18th, computer/network passwords for all students (which is also your Google password) will be reset to your birthdate  MMDDYYYY  : NOTE  it may be 7 digits or MDDYYYY  if your birthday would have a leading zero.   Example:   Jan 15, 2001 would be    1152001

3rd grade thru 12th grade students will be FORCED to change their password when they first log in.   Students can log in and regain access to their accounts from home by visiting and logging in with their email account and they will be prompted to change their password.

2016: When will Infinite Campus rosters/scheduled be ready?

infinite-campusThe top question we receive each summer:   When will my schedule/class rosters be available through Infinite Campus?

Here’s our current status, based on what the buildings have requested.   At the elementary level, teachers will initially only have access to their homeroom roster, the rest of the course schedules won’t be copied into place until the first few days of school.

If it’s labeled as “unknown”, that means the school hasn’t a set a date yet for when access will be opened.  We’ll update this page as soon as new dates are set.

Teacher Access
to 16-17 Calendar

Parents/ Students Access
to 16-17 student schedules

Clive  July 8th  Aug 3rd
Crestview   July 8th  Aug 3rd
Crossroads  July 8th  Aug 3rd
Fairmeadows  July 8th  Aug 3rd
Hillside  July 8th  Aug 3rd
Indian Hills  Aug 1st  Aug 16th
Jordan Creek  July 8th  Aug 3rd
Stilwell  Aug 1st  Aug 16th
Valley High Aug 1st  Aug 17th
Valley Southwoods  Aug 1st  Aug 15th
Walnut Creek  Aug 15th Aug 8th
Western Hills  July 8th  Aug 8th
Westridge  July 8th  Aug 3rd