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Google Calendar gets a facelift

Nov 28, 2017
by Carl Sundermann
Google Calendar gets a facelift

If you use Google Calendar, you’ll soon notice Google rolling out a few changes.  The new web interface features a “modern” look and feel,  rich formatting for invites, and side-by-side “Day” view (which personally is something I miss from the days of Outlook…)

The changes will start rolling out gradually beginning on November 28.  For more details, check out the official announcement here.

Teachers: Google Drive now integrates with Infinite Campus

infinite-campusgoogle drive
Available Sept 28th for WDM Teachers:  If you added a new assignment to your Grade Book recently, you may have noticed a new feature has been added . . . Google Drive integration!
With this addition, you can now:
  • Link files to the Teacher Notes and videos to the Portal Description of an assignment;
  • Attach a Drive file to an assignment that students can open and interact with based on the teacher’s sharing preferences;
  • Allow students to attach Drive files to assignments in the Portal, either original files or files copied from the teacher’s original.

All sharing and editing permissions  (that you typically do while in Google Drive) can be managed through the assignment instead . Files can also be attached to units and lesson plans for sharing between teachers.

Interested?  Here’s a handout related to Google Drive integration with Infinite Campus.