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ELEMENTARY STAFF: Change in Elementary Report Card

Over the last few days, we’ve on going reports of problems with the elementary report cards, with various standards missing or entire content areas missing from the reports.

In order to resolve the issue quickly – we have moved to using only ONE report card.  Instead of having a Specials Report and a Trimester Report –  there is now ONLY a Trimester Report.

The report is found in the same exact location as the previous reports,    GRADING & STANDARDS > REPORTS > REPORT CARD  and select  TRIMESTER REPORT CARD for the Report Options pull down.

How does this change things for parents?  It simply means that they will receive one report card instead of two separate reports.

Will this change be permanent?   We will review this summer – but so far, personally, I am in favor of staying with one report, as it seems to make sense for parents and it saves time for teachers, but we’re open to feedback.

–  Brian Abeling


Java Grade Book and Google Chrome

infinite-campusALERT: If you are currently using the Java Grade Book under Campus Tools, and using the newly updated Chrome version 42, you may see an error message that says, “the plugin is not supported.”

In Chrome version 42, the most recent update, Google has changed the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) setting to Disabled by default.

Java Grade Book users can also switch to using the Campus Instruction Grade Book at any time without issue.


  1. Launch the Chrome Browser.
  2. Enter the URL:   chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  3. Click Enable under Enable NPAPI
  4. Click Relaunch Now at the bottom of the browser to close and relaunch the browser.


Q1. When will the Java Grade Book go away?
A1. At the end of this school year (May 2015)

Q2. Where can I find the new Grade Book (called Campus Instruction)?
Here’s the details on where you can find Campus Instruction.

 Q3.  Will these steps (above) also enable Google Chrome to utilize PrintGroove (district printshop)?
A3.  Yes, from the testing so far, we’ve heard that these steps also enable PrintGroove to work through Google Chrome.