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Everything you need to know about Printed Student Directories

student working at computerEach fall, schools are working on their printed student directories, which are typically handled by a volunteer or parent group.  Here’s the basics of what you need to know about printed student directories…

Questions that we typically hear from parents………………………….

Q1.  I want my child/family information removed from the directory, how do I do that?
A1.   Call your child’s school office ask to be on the “Do Not Release” list – and the school office can go into each child’s record and mark the check box for DO NOT RELEASE and your child’s name and your family information will not be released in the printed directories.

Q2.  I want my child listed in the directory, but I want to edit what information is provided for our family…
A2.  You may log into Infinite Campus and edit your information that is available, here are the steps


Questions that we typically hear from schools or parent groups that are putting the directories together………………………….

Q3.  What options do we have available for the printed directory?  and how do we access those options in Infinite Campus
A3.  There are three options available, here is a description of each option and how to access this option within Campus.

Campus Instruction

Teachers –  need help with the new Campus Instruction?

Katie Seiberling from Stilwell Junior High sent us this great slide deck which contains guidance for…

  1. Attendance
  2. Seating Charts
  3. Reports
  4. Grade book setup

Be sure to check it out!  Thanks Katie!