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Copier Balances reset to $50 per staff

For WDMCS staff-


Each summer, we reset the budgets at the copiers –  and this summer the budgets are now set at $50 per person.

For people who want all the details………….
Q1.  How does this compare to last year?
A1.  Last year, staff were given $75 at the print shop and $25 at the copier.  This year, we are shifting the allocation to be $50 at the print shop and $50 at the copier.
Q2.  Is the copier allocation for ALL staff?
A2.  The $50 allocation is only for certified and office staff.
Q3.  Has the $50 allocation at the print shop also been reset?
A3.  Yes, all accounts at the print shop have been reset to $50.
Q4.  What if I run out of funds? How do I get more?
A4.  The district provides you with the first $50 at no cost to you –  but after that, you have to provide the funding.  Contact Brian Abeling, provide an account code and how much you want added.
Q5. What if I want my classroom assistant to use the copier?
A5.  Two options:  A) Give up some of your funds and we’ll activate their account to use the funds you gave up.  -or-  B) provide an account code with an amount and we’ll activate their card.
More details on the copiers/printing available at: