How do I get an Infinite Campus account?

How do I get an Infinite Campus account?

Option #1) Use the automated form at     Fill out your information and the system will email you back with your credentials.

Option #2) Contact your school office to request an account or assistance with resetting your password.  Here’s the list of phone numbers for each school office.

What can I do in Infinite Campus?
1) Update your personal contact preferences, to ensure you are called during emergencies
2) If your child is in at least 6th grade, then you have access to grades.

Can’t I just use my child’s account? Why do I need my own?
A parent account has access to ALL children that you are the guardian for – enabling you to see information for all of your children with one single account. In addition, your account gives you access to set your personal preferences for how/whether you should be contacted for emergencies.

34 thoughts on “How do I get an Infinite Campus account?

  1. Dee Marlett

    I can not get into my infinite campus because it wants me to enter my email and select like and dislike image. I have entered my password but I can not save it because the save is greyed out. How can I get past this?

  2. Candace

    I can’t remember my user name or password. Is there a way to either setup a new account or recover my old information?

  3. Jessie Perkins

    My son can’t get into his infinite campus account. When he tries to select “forgot username or password”, it tells him his email is not linked to any account.

  4. Lisa Gambleton

    Why does a student’s info disappear from the Infinite Campus portal? I had two students on it and now one has been removed. I would like to be able to see both students grades etc. Can it be added back?

  5. Brian Abeling Post author

    Hi Lisa… Please send an email to Susan Tiemens ( and let us know what student used to be connected to the account and we’d be glad to review your account and help out.

  6. Monanessa Harris

    I am trying to access infinite campus, but I can’t with my email and password. I need to add Lydell Marion as some one that has access to pick up my son as well as check on his grades. I would also like to be able to view their grades online. My son is John Hibber and my daughter is Lela Hibbert.

  7. Elanna

    I have been having issues with Infinite campus now for 2 years. I have access to my son, but not my daughter. Is this something that anyone can help me with this year? Every year no one knows how to do this.

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Sorry its not working – the activation codes only work if you don’t have an account – and I’m guess in you already have an account, but just need a password reset. I’ll look up your account and send information to the address you’ve listed on this post. Brian Abeling

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