For Staff

Teacher Laptops

Personal Laptops @ school

  1. How do I get a teacher laptop?
  2. Connect your K: and S: drive 
  3. Common Teacher Laptop issues…
  4. Connect to the Toshiba Copier
  5. Directions for installing the 2012 VPN file
  6. Install Citrix client to access IFAS
  1. Access network drives from my personal laptop while at school
  2. Using the PrintGroove Print Driver 


Connect cell phones to district email 


  1. Android smart phone
  2. iPhone / iPad  
  1. Connect iPhone / iPad to email 
  2. Accidental insurance coverage for school purchased iPads


Network Drives 

  1. Software for merging/extracting pdf files
  1. Understanding your network drives… H, K, S, P,  and R

Microsoft Discounts


  1. WDM Staff can purchase Office 2010 for home @ $15.45
  1. How to update/change your contact preferences in Infinite Campus
  2. District Internet Filtering Guidelines
  3. How to activate student Google apps accounts. 

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