For Students

Infinite Campus

Personal Laptops @ school

  1. Install iOS app for Infinite Campus
  2. Install Droid app for Infinite Campus
  3. View silver cord hours in Campus
  1. What wireless network should I be using?
  2. Access network drives from my personal laptop while at school
  3. How to access to the S: Drive (Student Drive)

Destiny Library

 Google Apps
 1. 4 cool things you can do with Library Quest app. 1. How to activate your student Google apps account. 


4 thoughts on “For Students

    1. Brian Abeling Post author

      Students can get their userid and password from the teacher librarian at their school. Usually their user id is their student number and the librarian can reset their password if they aren’t sure of what it is.

  1. ggvf

    I can’t seem to be able to get my school schedule, but my friends are able to get theirs, under reports, but I don’t have reports. How do I get it?


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