Going Google!

Get ready to Google….. as WDMCS is in the final stages of launching Google Apps for Educators which gives staff and students access to a new suite of collaboration tools including Google Doc, spreadsheets, slide shows, Google Drive, and more.

Q1.  Is this yet another district initiative?
A1.  No.  It’s just a tool or resource that is available for those who would like to use it.

Q2.  Is it mandatory that staff use it?
A2.  No, again.. it is just tool that is available for those would like to use it for collaboration. Usage isn’t mandatory by the district, but instead is optional.  We’ve heard that some schools are going to be implementing for internal collaboration and sharing – and that’s allowed, but at this time, there is no district-wide mandate related to using Google Apps.

Q3. Are we planning district-wide training to be available for everyone?
A3. We are not planning mandatory district-wide training.  However, we are planning on providing regular after school PD courses on the topic as well as assisting building with any training plans that they have.   At this time, we are only sending information to staff about how they can begin accessing Google Apps.

Q4. Are buildings allowed to implement Google Apps through their own building level training?
A4.  Yes.

Q5.  Are student accounts available?
A5.  Yes, student accounts are available- a few classrooms have already been testing out their accounts, but the plan is to make all student accounts active at the start of next school year (in order to activate your account, you must reset your school password – and since all 7-12 students do that at the start of the school, that is the best time to launch their accounts.

Q6.  How do I activate my staff Google Account?
A6.  See the following directions for how to activate your @wdmcs.org Google Account.

Q7. How do students activate their Google Account?
A7. See the following directions for how to activate your student Google Account.

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