When are staff laptops being replaced?

When are staff laptops being replaced? 

Answer:  Next spring.


Here’s the details we know right now:

No laptops have been ordered, we are still negotiating options and prices.  Our ideal timeline is:

Middle of November: send out invitations for lead trainers who will help with the conversion to the new devices

December:  Trainers will receive their new staff laptop

Feb, March, and April:  Deployment of the new laptops to staff.



Q1.  What model are we moving to?
A1.   That is still being worked out.  We are still in negotiations with vendors, but we are seeking a newer, smaller, lighter, touch screen windows 10 device.  We’ll release more specifics after the negotiations are done.

Q2. What happens to the old laptop, will we have a chance to purchase it?
A2.  We can not legally sell the old laptop to staff.  Instead, we will be selling it to the vendor who is providing the new laptop, as it helps offset the cost of the new device.  In fact, the only way to get a new laptop will be to physically turn in your old laptop.

Q3. I’m retiring this year – can I just keep using my existing laptop?  I don’t want to go through the hassle of moving to a new machine.
A3. Yes, you are welcome to keep using your existing laptop and just turn it in when you retire.

Q4. How long is the exchange process for turning in the old laptop and getting the new laptop?
A4.  Most individuals need 90 to 120 minutes to complete all three steps of the exchange.   Each exchange session (that will be in Feb/March/April) will have three steps to go through  step 1) back up your files to your usb thumb drive  step 2) turn in your old machine to the vendor to receive the new one  step 3) setup your new machine, make your account, connect to wifi, map your network drives, install printers you need.



Planned Canvas outage: Wed Nov 1st starting at 3pm

PLANNED OUTAGE:  Wednesday, Nov 1st starting at 3pm, lasting potentially till 5pm (or shorter if the work moves along quickly)

During this time, Canvas (https://wdmcs.instructure.com/) will not be available to staff or students.   There are some maintenance changes that need to be made in order to prepare ourselves for enabling parent access into Canvas.