Jan 13th: Planned phone/internet outage at Operations ONLY 9am to 11am

telephone2Wed Jan 13th: There will be no phone or internet access at the Operations building ONLY, from 9am and will last approximately 2 hours.

How will that impact our schools?  During this time frame, you will NOT be able to contact Operations/Transportation via phone or email.
Why?  The City of West Des Moines is doing emergency work on underground fiber optics along Grand Avenue.  The fiber was recently damaged and is impacting city services and since we are sharing fiber in this area, our services (at Operations ONLY) will be impacted during the repair. Under normal weather conditions, this work would be done during the evenings – but with extremely low temps, the emergency work needs to be moved to the day time.

Will SmarterBalanced testing force us to become 1:1?

smarterbalancedBack in December, a small group of teachers and admins met to review the SmarterBalanced testing requirements to help the district prepare for the technology needs.

Perhaps the most significant question on everyone’s mind….

Will on-line testing and SmarterBalanced specifically, force the district to become 1:1 and provide a device for each student?

Answer:  No.  

We’ve taken a look at the estimated time per test, factored in the number of students/sections and ran some calculations against the amount of equipment that our schools have – and in all scenarios and in all buildings, we’ll be able to administer the test using existing resources.

You mean we don’t even have to buy additional computers/laptops?  Correct, the only thing that needs to be purchased is headsets and we’re estimating that cost to be $65,000 every two years.