Changes to wireless network

laptopsAs mentioned earlier, we are working our way through the school buildings making the following change to each buildings wireless:  removal of WDM-STAFF and moving of staff and classroom devices over to WDM-SCHOOLS wireless network.

As of today (Nov 2nd), the work is completed at:

  • Valley High School
  • Walnut Creek
  • Valley Southwoods

The work is in progress at:

  • Stilwell
  • Indian Hills

Up next:

  • LRC and Operations
  • then all elementary buildings



IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our elementary schools have a large number of iPads – and each iPad will need to be on iOS version 8.4 or newer in order to move to WDM-SCHOOLS

Preparing for Smarter Balanced Testing

DSCN03362015-2016 is the last year for Iowa Assessments and we’re expecting to move to Smarter Balanced testing in the spring of 2017.  At that time, all testing will be done on-line and it’s estimated that students will spend approximately 3 hours total for the on-line portion of the test.

Moving to on-line testing will present us with some logistical issues, such as: concerns about infrastructure, bandwidth, and how to schedule our existing resources to ensure that testing can be completed in a short time frame.

This winter, we’ll be pulling together a small group to start looking at the building level logistics that are needed to prepare for Smarter Balanced testing.  If you’re a WDMCS staff member interested in helping out with this planning, send an email to Brian Abeling.