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Feb 21st PD day registration will open on Jan 20th!

92On Feb 21st, 2014 all 7-12 staff will participate in a professional development day focused primarily on Google Apps.   It will be a full day event held at Valley Southwoods.

Q1. When does registration open?
A1.  On Monday, Jan 20th at 11am, we will send out an email to all 7-12 staff that will contain the web address for online registration – and staff will be able to reserve their seats in the courses they would like on a first come, first served basis.

Q2. Is there someone I can call or email for registration?
A2. No. All seats are being reserved through an online registration system.  Staff will be able to register through the website with either a computer, laptop, iPad, or even through your smart phone!

Q3.  Is a copy of the schedule available? 
A3. Here’s the link to the course schedule.

Q4. What classes are being offered?
A4.  Here’s the short descriptions for each course…

Google Docs 101:  If you’re new to Google Apps – we highly recommend you start with this course. We’ll show how Google Docs compares to Microsoft Word, how to create/edit a document and then show how you can share the document with others for collaboration.

Google Drive 101: It’s google’s version of your H drive, but its all save online so you can access it from anywhere!  We’ll show you how to set it up and tips for organizing your drive.

Google Earth: A program that can be installed on your computer that provides you with high resolution maps of not only the Earth, but the moon, mars, and the night time sky!  We’ll help you get it installed, show you how to use it, and talk about classroom applications.

Google Forms 101:  How to use Google to create surveys and online forms to collect information.

Google Forms to the Max:  Flubaroo:  It’s a script that can be added to a Google Spreadsheet that will enable you to create an assignment and an answer key.  Using a Google Form, students can answer the questions on the form and Flubaroo will grade the answers for you!

Google Forms to the Max:  Doctopus & Goobric:  These are tools that help teachers to manage the workflow for using Google Docs with students.

gClass Folders: A course for existing Google users, who want to learn how to use gClass Folders to automate the process of setting up shared class folders for students.

Google Calendar 101: An introductory course to show you how to create, edit, share, and even embed Google calendars into other resources and websites.

Google Chrome 101: Google Chrome is a web browser, we’ll install it, show you the basic features, settings, and customizations.

Google Chrome to the Max: Continuation of Google Chrome, where we show apps and extensions that work in the Chrome web browser.

Google Hangout:  It’s a video conferencing through Google! Learn how to create a hangout (video sharing session), which can be used to collaborate with others or bring outside experts into your classroom!

Google Sites 101: Did you know you can run your own classroom website with Google? We’ll show you how to create your own site, access templates, create pages, or even share your site with others!  Note: this tool can also be used with students to allow them to create work that can be published online!

Google Sites to the Max: Additional tips and tricks for taking your google site to the next level: including how to embed calendars, google docs, and other gadgets.

Google Slides 101: Google’s version of Powerpoint – but now you can collaboratively build a presentation with a group!

Google Spreadsheet 101: An online collaborative spreadsheet!

YouTube 101: How to navigate YouTube, create your own playlist, even upload your own video!

YouTube to the Max: Did you know that you can edit video in YouTube?  Once you have your own videos loaded, you can trim clips, add transitions, add titles screens, and even add music!

Infinite Campus Gradebook BETA: An overview of the new BETA gradebook, showing you the options and customizations that are available in the newest version of the Campus grade book.

Infuse Learning: a free classroom response system that enables teachers to add questions that students can answer via their cell phone, ipad, or laptop.  Learn how you can increase student engagement through this free tool!

Poll Everywhere: a free classroom response system that enables teachers to add questions that students can answer via their cell phone.  Learn how you can increase student engagement through this free tool!

Socrative: a free classroom response system that enables teachers to add questions that students can answer via their cell phone, ipad, or laptop.  Learn how you can increase student engagement through this free tool!

How I transformed my classroom with Google: This session is conducted by a classroom teacher from SE Polk who will tell the story of how his classroom was transformed through the usage of Google Apps.  He’ll be sharing stories and examples of how Google Apps has helped transform his classroom.

60 Chrome Apps in 60 minutes:   A high flying session where you can see the best of the best Chrome apps and extensions.

Google Playground: Staffed with two trainers, this session is your place for getting play time.  Stop in to try out some of the things you’ve learned or stop in to ask questions and get help.

Feb 21st PD day: It’s all about Google

teacher laptop courseOn Feb 21st, 2014, our 7-12 staff have a professional development day scheduled – and this year, the focus will be on differentiating with technology.

Q1. What is the theme/topic? and how did we come up with that?
A1. Last month we met with a group of teachers from our district PD team along with representation from the teachers association. We started by brainstorming ideas/topics, and after reviewing, the group felt the most common tool for all content areas was Google Apps.

Q2. When and where is the PD day?
A2.  Valley Southwoods Freshman High School, Friday, Feb 21st,  8am to 3:30pm

Q3. What is the format? 
A3.  It will be conference style – meaning that multiple concurrent sessions will be available through out the day.  Each staff member will be allowed to select each session based on their own individual needs.

Q4. What types of sessions will be available?
A4.  We are working through specific sessions titles and descriptions now, but many of the sessions will be around Google Apps, although we’re also looking at sessions on Infinite Campus Grade Book and assessment using student phones/mobile devices.

Q5. Will the sessions be hands-on?
A5.  Most sessions will have some time dedicated to hands-on, although some sessions will demonstration only.  We will have have each session labeled clearly so you’ll know what to expect.

Q6.  Will staff need to bring their laptops?
A6.  Yes.  If you do not have a district issued laptop, you are welcome to bring your own personal device or check one out from your school’s existing laptop carts.

Q7. Are all the sessions at the beginner level? or will there be leveled sessions? 
A7.  We will have a mixture of sessions – both introductory and advanced.  Staff will have the option to select the level that is appropriate for themselves.

Q8. Will each session/course be offered just once?
A8.  We are looking to offer each course as often as its needed, based on an interest survey that we are conducting with staff during the month of December.

Q9. Are all the trainers internal staff members?  or are we hiring outside individuals?
A9.  The sessions on Feb 21st will be conducted by a mixture of internal staff members, external resources, and AEA resources.  In most of our previous technology sessions, we have relied on only internal staff members as trainers.  However, for the Google Apps topics, we feel that we need assistance from outside resources for this topic.  In addition, once we announced that we would provide leveled courses – many of our previous trainers commented that they would like to attend the advanced sessions instead of serving as a trainer.  

Q10. How are we paying for this? Are we using General Fund dollars?
A10.  We are NOT using General Fund dollars, but instead are using District In Need of Assistance Funds that are dedicated towards providing training and professional development for staff.

Q11.  Will staff have to register for specific courses prior to Feb 21st?
A11.  Yes, staff will be asked to register online for their courses – prior to the Feb 21st event.