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Technology Planning Meetings

stop-signDuring the past month, we’ve had several rounds of technology planning meetings – each focusing on how we can provide more resources directly into the hands of students.  Although our school district has no current plan to provide a device for all students (known as 1:1), we are looking at how we can make changes to our current expenditures to provide more resources directly to students.
Much of the discussion was about the elimination or changing of existing resources –  hence, the picture of the stop sign, a we are talking about what things we can stop doing in order to afford desired changes.  Among the discussions:  elimination of Microsoft SharePoint, moving from Microsoft Exchange to Google for email, and moving to on-line storage through Google Drive. 
The feedback from the meetings is being reviewed now and within the next week we’ll be publishing the list of upcoming changes for technology services.

Century Link classroom technology grants available

ipad appsThe CenturyLink Foundation and Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency are working together to award technology mini-grants to Iowa educators who are interested in fostering innovative classroom uses of digital learning tools. The goal of the CenturyLink Teachers & Technology Grant Program is to provide support to educators who wish to utilize digital technologies to foster deeper thinking and greater agency by students.

The purposes of this competitive mini-grant program are to

  • improve student learning through the innovative use of digital learning tools;
  • enhance the development of students’ deeper thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • foster greater student agency, control, and ownership of their learning; and
  • increase educators’ understanding of how to best integrate technology into student learning experiences.

All grants are to be utilized by educators to benefit students in their classrooms.   More information is available at:  http://www.centurylinktechgrants.org/about2015/


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