Be Internet Awesome

If your school or classroom is looking for additional resources related to digital citizenship training, be sure to check out:

Be Internet Awesome  (

It’s produced by Google and contains lesson plans for teachers, including face to face classroom activities and student questions.  The online component also offers an interactive game experience where students learn about online safety.



PARENTS: How to update your email address in Infinite Campus

Parents:   It’s important to make sure your email address is accurate in Infinite Campus, as it is used to provide communications by the school as well as classroom teachers.

  1. To check/change your email address, log into  the parent portal at:
  2. Click on CONTACT PREFERENCES on the left margin
















3. If you need to change either the EMAIL ADDRESS or SECONDARY EMAIL ADDRESS field, be sure to click on SAVE at the bottom of the page.




NOTICE:  Changes will not be immediately changed.  All changes (emails, phone numbers, addresses) are reviewed by the District Registrar and are usually updated within 48 hours.