Moving to Google Email

Over the holiday weekend, our district will be moving our email services from Microsoft Exchange/Outlook over to Google.   

Parents and community members will still be able to send messages to staff email addresses over the holiday weekend – however, staff will not have access to their email during the weekend.  Staff will get access back on Monday morning.

  • When will staff members lose access?
    Starting at 2pm on Thursday, July 3rd –  WDMCS staff members will lose access to…

    1. the Outlook software on your computer/laptop will stop working
    2. your iPhone, iPad, cell phone and any other mobile device will no longer connect to email
  • When will staff get access back?
    the morning of Monday, July 6th –   be sure to check the district website ( for all the updates and details.
  • What about any emails that are sent to me over the weekend? Will they be lost?
    Incoming emails will be delivered to your account – you will just need to wait till Monday to access them.
  • If I don’t have access to email over the weekend, how will I know when it’s available again?
    Check the district web page ( on the morning of Monday, July 6th we’ll have all the latest details and directions for accessing your email.
  • Will my iPad/iPhone/Cell phone automatically reconnect to my email when the migration is over?
    No… you will need to setup a new connection to get your email/calendar/contacts back on your mobile devices – and we’ll have directions available on next Monday.


Brian Abeling


What our staff thinks of our district technology services… 2015 edition

Each year we conduct a satisfaction survey with our school district staff.  It’s a relatively short survey, and we’ve used many of the same questions multiple years in a row. Our goal is to track customer services.  For example, we don’t ask questions related to the latest gadget or gizmo… instead, we focus on fundamental customer service points –  as our belief is that quality customer service will always be needed regardless of the device.

Here’s the results from this years survey with staff, conducted in May 2015.

Here’s a link to the full results….


 Services that we are doing well….

Workorder response time

“Turn around times for help tickets are amazing! I can’t believe how fast they are to come out to my building and fix any issue that has come up! Nice work guys!”

“I appreciate how quick you are in supporting teachers with work orders. I’ve also appreciated that I can talk on the phone to get support and get a problem fixed immediately.”

“I really appreciated the new help desk feature this year… I feel like I am more in the loop and know when things will be taken care of.”

“Everyone definitely excels on the “customer service” side of things. The tech department is helpful, respectful, and–maybe the most important trait–patient. As a new staff member to the district, I have especially appreciated their responsiveness to my inquiries and support in helping me get up to speed on the tech uses in WDM.”


“You communicate very effectively with WDMCS staff. Thank you for always keeping us in the loop!”

“Communication is well done. When there is an issue or new information, style of communicating is easy to understand and informative”

What suggestion do you have for improving services?

 “Buildings are not training support staff in the use of Google…when the full transition is made, we’ll be still learning how to use it while teachers have already had training this past year.”

“We are really needing more laptops at our school.”

“Too many instances of “outages” due to outside interruptions.”

“Can we put the HelpDesk ticket in a more prominent place on the website?”

“student access to their S drives from home seems to be an ongoing issue – either improve the ability of students being able to access this or get rid of it”

“If you wanted to be more transparent at the district level, continue to have the “Technology Planning” WordPress posts like you had in Feburary. If they were more routine (I’ve only ever seen one like it), staff would feel more in the know.”

“We just need more.”

“Microphones do not seem to be dependable. I would love to find a way to make them more dependable.”

“I strongly feel that the equality of technology between buildings is very unbalanced. With the NewTech schools coming into our district the implementation of One to One with only those schools is extremely unfair to those buildings without the access. Several years ago our Parent Group purchased iPads for the classrooms and the rest of the district said it was unfair for our school to have the access to the iPads and other building did not have them. So, the district handed out iPads to the classrooms that did not have them where we received nothing. No, other schools are moving more to a one to one and our schools are left to fend for ourselves. This truly goes against the principal you have tried to do at making access to technology equal throughout the district. I hope this is where we focus our funding to is giving all students one to one access.”