When can we sign up to get the new staff laptop?

Information about our new staff laptops.
Updated on Feb 7, 2018.


Q1. When will staff be able to register online to have their laptop replaced?

A1.  Registration will begin at 8pm on Wednesday, Feb 14th.  We will send an email out with the website and registration directions on Wed at 8pm.  You do NOT have to sign up that evening – you can sign up anytime after that time, but seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Q2.  Who can sign up for these exchanges?

A2.  Salaried employees who already have an HP EliteBook 9470m model can sign up to exchange their current laptop for a new one.  You are REQUIRED to turn in the HP 9470m model and its power adapter in order to obtain the new laptop.


Q3.  How do I register for a class?

A3. All registration will be done online – we will email directions out to staff on Wed Feb 14th at 8pm


Q4.  Is there someone I can call or email to do my registration for me?

A4.  All registrations will be reserved online, we are not accepting registrations by email or phone.

Q5. What dates/times will the courses be offered?

A5. The first exchange date will be after school on Feb 26th and there will be exchange dates every week for the next five weeks.


Q6. What is happening with the old laptops?  Are they for sale?

A6. They are not for sale – the laptops will belong to the company that is providing the new laptops.  In fact, you are REQUIRED to turn in your HP 9470m and power adapter in order to get the new laptop.


Q7.  I’m retiring this year, do I have to signup and exchange it for a new one?
A7.  No.  You do not have to exchange it for a new –  just use your existing laptop and turn it in at the end of the school year.


Q8. In prior years, we could sign up for a course to get the new laptop and we’d get class credit. Is that still an option?
A8.   No.   Class credit is no longer an option. To qualify for credit we would need 15 hours of class plus additional work time, we simply don’t have enough material to fill that time.


Q9. How long will it take to exchange the old for the new laptop?
A9.  We estimate that the average person will need about an hour to exchange the old laptop for the new laptop, including time to set up the new devices, map your network drives, and set up printers.


Q10.  If I sign up for one of the exchanges – am I guaranteed to get a new laptop during that time?
A10.  As long as you complete the following: 1) Backup your files before the exchange date (we’ll send you directions prior to the date)  2) you must turn in your current laptop AND charger.    These are the only two scenarios for which you would be turned away and would not receive a new laptop – but you would be welcome to sign up for a different date in the future.


Q11.  So it will take me about an hour to exchange my old laptop for a new one –  will I get paid for that time?
A11.  No.   The laptop is optional, you are not required to have a laptop, so there is no payment for showing up to exchange your laptop.


Q12. What is the new laptop?  How does it compare the current one?

The current laptop is:  HP EliteBook Folio 4470m

The new laptop is:  HP EliteBook x360


Here’s how they compare:


Current Laptop NEW laptop
RAM 8Gb 12Gb
Harddrive 128Gb SSD 256Gb SSD
Processor i5 i7
Windows version Windows 7 Windows 10
Office version Office 2013 Office 2016
Screen size 14” 13.3”
DVD player? No No
Backlit keyboard Yes Yes
Touchscreen No Yes
Monitor flips backward for tablet usage No Yes
Card slot SD MicroSD
Web Camera Yes Yes
Display connector VGA HDMI


Google Hangout to be closed for K-8th grade students

Updated on Feb 8, 2018.

We have received a request from the district’s Administrative Leadership Team to have adjustments made to Google Hangouts.  Staring today: Google Hangouts will be turned off for all K thru 8th grade students in the district.  Hangouts will still be available for all 9th thru 12th grade students, as well as for staff.