Sync issues resolved

student working at computerUpdated Sept 17th:

The sync issues that we’ve been having for student accounts between Canvas, Echo, and Clever has been fully resolved.

Staff – if you are aware of any student who is unable to gain access to Google, Canvas, Clever, or Echo, please report it tech support right away so we can follow up on any individual cases.




Web access to home directories will be removed.

We are planning to replace our firewall sometime prior to Thanksgiving –  and with that change out, staff and students will no longer have web access to their H drives from home.

Q1. Does this affect students with Chromebooks?
A1.  No, students with Chromebooks typically save their working documents to their Google Drive, not their H drive.

Q2. Will teachers still have access to their H drives from home?
A2.  Yes, teachers will still have access through the vpn software that is installed on their staff laptops.

Q3.  If a student has files/work on their H: drive, what options will they have for accessing it at home?
A3.  Options include:

  • Copying the files to their Google Drive
  • Copying their files to a portable usb drive
  • VPN software – staff and students will still have access to vpn software, but they will need a windows machine, install the vpn, and map their network drives, so vpn access is still available, but it does involve vpn software and configuration. (Directions for how to do this will be available after the new firewall is in place)