How can I protect my cell phone number from being given out?

A frequent question that we’ve received…..

Q. I would like to contact my students, but I don’t want my cell phone given out, what are my options?

Option 1)  Dial *67  on your cell phone, then dial the number you want.  This will block your caller id from being displayed.


Option 2)   Use Google Voice,   Visit,  log in with your staff account, and it will take you through the setup of google voice, which will assign you a new phone that you can use to call out or receive calls on.    It also has an option where you can use your laptop to place the calls so that you don’t have to use your personal cell phone at all.

More info on Google Voice:


Here’s  a great getting started guide from San Francisco Public Schools on Google Voice:

NOTE: Google Voice is only available through July, then Google plans to turn it back to subscription based, which is when we plan to turn it off.  Option #1 is completely free and will always be available.



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