Feature me!

Our blog is always looking for to feature classroom teachers and the technologies they use to improve teaching and learning.  If you have idea or potential topic for the blog, please send a note to Brian Abeling (abelingb@wdmcs.org).

What if I want to be featured?  Do I have to nominated? Fill out a form?
Just send an email to Brian Abeling, let him know what topic you’re interested in.

Do I have to write the article myself?

Usually, one of the following occurs….

Option A) I’ll send you a list of written questions, you’ll respond to the questions you can.  I’ll use the information to create a draft and write the article. I’ll usually follow up with a quick classroom visit to get a few snapshots for the article.

Option B) Arrange for a classroom visit, where I’ll ask questions of you and your students. This information is then used to create the article.

Are there some standard topics that are always of interest that I can submit?

Yes !    Here’s the sample questionairre that we’re always looking to feature.

What’s on my iPad: Download the What’s on my iPad questions (Word Doc)

How I use Twitter: Download the How I use Twitter questions (Word Doc)

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