Where did the Grade Book Beta GO?

If you used the Grade Book Beta version within Infinite Campus last year, you are probably wondering where it went.

With this summer’s upgrade to Infinite Campus, several changes have taken place to the  overall look at feel of Campus for staff.  NOTE: no changes were made the student/parent interface, just the version that staff use.

To find the Grade Book, look in the upper right corner of the screen…  Click on the icon with the small white squares (App Icon).






Then click on Campus Instruction Beta…







The Grade Book and other instructional tools are now located all in this one area.

Q1.  Why did they do this?
A1.  Campus is working create one location where all teacher/classroom tools will be located, so that teachers will have all the tools they need in one place.

Q2.  What about the old Java based grade book, where is it?
A2.  It is still available, but in the section it was before.  NOTE: you should only use the new grade book OR the old grade book, you should NOT jump back and forth between the two.

Q3.  When is the district providing training on the grade book?
A3.  We’ll have sessions running through out the day during the Sept 15th professional development day.

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